How To Delete Your VPN Account

How To Delete Your VPN Account

Deleting your VPN account will cancel your VPN plan with Skylaski VPN, disconnect any devices associated with your account, and delete all data associated with your VPN account.

Be Warned!

If you’re the primary role of a Team or Family plan, canceling your account will impact every member of your family or team.

Deleting Your Account

You can find the link to delete your account at the bottom of your profile page as the last item in the list under Features.


After clicking this link you will be shown your current plan details and a warning similar to the one above.

From here, to continue to delete your account click DELETE ACCOUNT*

Once deleted you will be taken back to the sign-in page. Your account, all devices, and data will be permanently deleted.

NOTE: This is completely separate from your Community account. Please reach out to a member off the staff if you’d like your community account deleted